Constructionism in Learning: Sustainable Lifecycle Engineering (CooL:SLiCE)

Carolyn E. Psenka.

Wayne State, Penn State and Oregon State universities are collaborating to develop the CooL:SLiCE cyberlearning platform for enabling research in support of sustainable lifecycle engineering education. The CooL:SLiCE cyber-platform consists of three main modules for analyses of environmentally responsible product design: an online CAD and design repository, a manufacturing analysis engine, and a supply chain and product architecture analysis engine. Design activities will challenge learners to explore the effects of product design and personalization using familiar examples, such as multi-copters and electronic/non-electronic products. This study will develop the instructional framework integrating this innovative cyberlearning technology into the traditional engineering curriculum.

Collaborative Research: Constructionism in Learning: Sustainable Lifecycle Engineering (CooL:SLiCE).

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