Webinar: Connected Learning

Thursday March 3, 2016 from 12-1 pm Pacific / 3-4 pm Eastern

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Today’s social, mobile and gaming technologies offer new ways of supporting learning that is engaging, connected to the wider world, and tailored to specific interests, identities, and learning styles. Our research has found, however, that only the most activated digital learners are taking advantage of this potential. Young people are going online for informal and interest-driven learning, but with few connections back to school and academic subjects. What kinds of platforms, policies, and technologies can best connect between in-school and out-of-school learning and between adult and young people’s social worlds?

Mimi Ito will describe her ongoing research on interest-driven and digitally enabled learning, and describe connected learning, an approach to realizing longstanding progressive goals of education by leveraging today’s technology. Connected learning is when a young person is able to pursue a personal interest with the support of peers and caring adults, in a way that is directed to opportunity and achievement in school and the wider world.

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Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research and Design report by Mizuko Ito, Kris Gutierrez, Sonia Livingstone, Bill Penuel, Jean Rhodes, Katie Salen, Juliet Schor, Julian Sefton-Green, and S. Craig Watkins (2012).

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