2019 STEM Video Showcase: Innovations in STEM Education

May 13-20, 2019 (online)

Don’t miss a great opportunity to showcase your federally-funded STEM Education project and reach tens of thousands of people while producing a video for your project!

Register to present at the 2019 STEM Video Showcase by February 19 (or earlier – space is limited to 250 registrations) and then discuss your video with researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the public during the interactive week long event on May 13-20, 2019. Last year, more than 20 cyberlearning videos were presented, and several won awards. One cyberlearning researcher told us, “The showcase pushed me to make a great 3 minute video, and now I use it in every presentation.”

This event is facilitated by TERC, in collaboration with six NSF funded resource centers: MSPnet, CADRE, CIRCL, CAISE, STELAR, and CS for All Teachers resource centers. The event, resource centers, and projects presented are all funded by the National Science Foundation.

The 2019 Showcase follows on the success of the 2018 STEM for All Video Showcase: Transforming the Educational Landscape, the 2017 NSF Video Showcase: Research and Design for Impact, the 2016 NSF Video Showcase: Advancing STEM All, and the 2015 Teaching and Learning Video Showcase. The 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 showcases together attracted more than 100,000 participants, including researchers, policy makers, and the general public.

Questions? Email contact@videohall.com