2016 NSF Video Showcase: Advancing STEM for ALL

May 17-23, 2016 (online)

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Visit the 2016 NSF Video Showcase: Advancing STEM All site to view the 150+ videos from the showcase. Be sure to check out the 20 cyberlearning videos!

The 2016 Showcase drew more than 23,500 unique visitors in 145 countries (86.2% of traffic from the US and the rest from abroad.) It included 157 presentations from 403 presenters and co-presenters: 36 related to math, 63 related to science, 21 related to engineering, 22 related to computer science, 24 related to cyberlearning, 20 related to integrating STEM and computer science, 38 related to technology, 36 related to professional development models, 31 related to design and development, 32 related to research and evaluation, 65 related to broadening participation, 24 related to informal learning, 23 related to NGSS, and 10 related to Common Core.

Some videos received special recognition. There were 3 ways a video could be recognized:

  • Facilitator’s Choice, based on the 39 facilitators reviewing videos on a rubric
  • Presenter’s Choice, where each presenter and co-presenter was invited to vote for four videos that they considered best
  • Public Choice, through public voting through Facebook, Twitter and Email Ballot

The showcase was led by MSPnet in collaboration with CADRE, CIRCL, CAISE, STELAR, the CS10K Community and ARC resource centers. Of the videos in the showcase, 36 were contributed by participants in CADRE, 34 from MSPnet, 11 from CAISE, 3 from CS10k, 20 from CIRCL, 22 from STELAR, 7 from ARC.

Original Call for Participation

Following the success of last year’s Teaching and Learning Video Showcase, we invite you to present in the 2016 NSF Video Showcase, Advancing STEM All. This year’s theme is broadening participation and increasing access to quality STEM and Computer Science experiences (though submissions outside of this theme are also welcome). Participating projects will each create and submit a 3-minute video that illustrates the project’s intervention, innovation, and impact (or potential for impact for new projects).

Last year’s showcase attracted over 20,000 unique participants and received accolades from NSF program officers. Your participation will make the 2016 event equally successful in sharing of work across NSF programs and with the public at large, and also in promoting reflective collegial discourse.

Important dates to keep in mind:

  • Registration for the event begins January 25 and closes March 15. Registration is mandatory for projects wishing to contribute a video.
  • Videos must be submitted by April 28, 2016. They must be less than 3 minutes long and have sound that is audible.
  • The interactive event will take place May 17-23, 2016.

Please see the Videohall: Moviemaking Guide for tips on making your video, and note that last year’s participants are welcome to submit a new video this year.

Have questions? Email contact@contact@stemforall.videohall.com. Visit last year’s showcase website.

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