eColloq Series on Cyberlearning

In the interest of community building, we are establishing an eColloq Series on Cyberlearning, chaired by Michael Hoffmann, Georgia Institute of Technology. The idea is to provide an opportunity to present and discuss research and development work without the need to travel. The goal is to organize two online colloquiums per semester, each with two presentations of 20 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of online discussion. Recordings of the colloquiums will also be made available. As eColloqs are scheduled, they will be listed below and advertised through the CIRCL newsletter, facebook, and twitter. Together with campaigns on social media and the recordings, this initiative will provide an excellent opportunity to make your projects known to a broader audience, including teachers.

We additionally recommend organizing a local viewing with discussion – a sort of “science café” for which you would get the eColloq speakers for free.

If you would like to present your work in a future eColloq, please contact Michael Hoffmann
( or Wendy Martin (

eColloq Webinars

May 31, 2018: Building the Foundational Skills Needed for Success in Work at the Human-Technology Frontier
11-12 pm PT / 2-3 pm ET
Joyce Malyn-Smith and Sarita Pillai, EDC

December 6, 2017: Cyberlearning Tools for Mobile, Community Engaged, and Connected Learning
12-1:30 pm PT / 3-4:30 pm ET
Supporting Public-Facing Education for Youth: Learning with Mobile and Geospatial Technologies
Katie Headrick Taylor, University of Washington, Seattle
Whole-class inquiry in the Classroom of Things
Tom Moher, University of Illinois at Chicago

October 24, 2017: Implicit Learning Assessments & Pedagogical Agents
12-1:30 pm PT / 3-4:30 pm ET
We Know More Than We Can Tell: Differentiation through Implicit Learning Assessments
Jodi Asbell-Clarke, TERC
Research on Pedagogical Agents: How Making Computers More Human-like Can Improve Learning
H. Chad Lane, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana