Five Ways CIRCL can help Cyberlearning Researchers

CIRCL amplifies the cyberlearning community’s impact by nurturing community among projects, investigators and newcomers; addressing common needs; planning for the future; and creating broader impact together.

1. Amplify your news & identify new opportunities

  • Share your work in the CIRCL newsletter. We can circulate project updates, job openings, workshops, calls, and other news throughout the community.
  • We can tweet (@CIRCLCenter) and post your news on Facebook (CIRCLCenter).
  • Subscribe, follow, and like us to stay abreast of new funding, job, and collaboration opportunities.

2. Broaden your impact

3. Build new relationships and increase our community’s diversity

  • CIRCL can broker connections (with the help of tools like DIA2) when you are seeking new collaborators, consultants, advisors, and other relationships. We are particularly interested in increasing diversity in our field. Contact Jeremy Roschelle.
  • CIRCL is also hosting workshops to introduce potential new PIs to Cyberlearning and seeks mentors to provide coaching. Contact Joyce Malyn-Smith.

4. Strengthen your next proposal

5. Grow your reputation by sharing your expertise

  • Write or contribute to a new or existing Primer or share what you know in a webinar (contact us).
  • Participate in our events (or suggest a new one). CIRCL is particularly interested in events that synthesize across projects and/or envision the future.
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