The CIRCL Center is a 5-year collaborative effort of four institutions. In addition, the Center has a strong cadre of expert consultants who can be called upon to support Center activities. SRI International and Digital Promise are the lead organizations for CIRCL. CIRCL is managed by Jeremy Roschelle and a leadership team comprised of Patricia Schank, Judith Fusco, and Cynthia D’Angelo.

Digital Promise

jeremy_roschelleJeremy Roschelle
Principal Investigator
patti_schankPatricia Schank
Co-Principal Investigator
judi_fuscoJudi Fusco
Research Social Scientist

SRI International SRI led CIRCL for the first 4 years, until Jeremy Roschelle moved to Digital Promise. SRI continues to co-lead community building, workshop, and portfolio evaluation activities under the direction of Cynthia D’Angelo and Shari Gardner.

Cynthia D'AngeloCynthia D’Angelo
Senior Education Researcher
Shari GardnerShari Gardner
Education Researcher


EDCEDC works with Digital Promise and SRI to co-lead the community building, technical assistance, and dissemination activities of CIRCL under the leadership of Sarita Nair-Pillai and Joyce Malyn-Smith. EDC is known for its client-tailored technical assistance, rigorous research, and innovative and effective curricula and professional development.

sarita_nair_pillaiSarita Nair-Pillai
Co-Principal Investigator
joyce-malen-smithJoyce Malyn-Smith
Senior Research Scientist


NORCNORC is the external evaluator for CIRCL, participating in both formative and summative capacities.

Kevin BrownKevin Brown
Senior Research Scientist
Michael ReynoldsMichael Reynolds
Senior Research Scientist



Sherry HsiSherry Hsi
Research Director at Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley
Avron BarrAvron Barr
Principal and Owner, Aldo Ventures, Inc.
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