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CAP: Building Partnerships for Education and Speech Research

PIs: Chad Dorsey, Cynthia D’Angelo Concord Consortium Award Details A new age of technology is dawning on the field of speech recognition and analysis. This has begun to become publicly visible through the increasing availability of impressive tools such as Siri and Google Translate, but these consumer-ready tools only scratch the surface of the potential […]

CAP: Building a Cyberlearning Research Program: An Early Career Symposium

PI: Fei Gao Bowling Green State University Award Details This project funds a training and mentorship workshop for doctoral students and early career faculty in the field of Instructional Design and Technology to learn about Cyberlearning research community at the main instructional design conference. The Annual Meeting of the Association for Education Communications and Technology […]

CAP: Advancing Technology and Practice for Learning Reading and Writing Skills in Secondary Science Education

PIs: Rebecca Passonneau, Smaranda Muresan, Dolores Perin Columbia University Award Details The proposed workshop brings together researchers and educators to discuss how to advance technology and practice to better promote secondary school science literacy. There is a clear need for new directions in science literacy. Over the past decade, the National Center for Education Statistics […]

CAP: Building a Cyberlearning Research Program – An Early Career Symposium

PI: Ana-Paula Correia Iowa State University Award Details The Annual Meeting of the Association for Education Communications and Technology (AECT) provides a forum for interchange of ideas around designing technological support for learning and training. Its Early Career Symposia provide an avenue for early career scholars to receive mentoring from established researchers. This project supports […]

CAP: Towards Inclusive Design of Serious Games for Learning

PIs: Yasmin Kafai, Brendesha Tynes, Gabriela Richard University of Pennsylvania Award Details Serious games and games for learning are designed to foster learning or engagement with real-world events or processes or for solving complex problems. Citizen involvement in serious games and games for learning has increased exponentially in the last decade. At the same time, […]

Workshop: Improving Capacity for Game-Based Research to Scale

PI: Kurt Squire University of Wisconsin-Madison Award Details A growing number of educators are looking to game-based learning approaches to increase interest in and understanding of major science mathematics, engineering and technology (STEM) concepts. Serious games have demonstrated the capacity to engage learners in complex domains through role playing and problem solving. A key hypothesis […]

CAP: CSCL 2015 Doctoral Consortium and Early Career Workshop

PI: Jianwei Zhang SUNY at Albany Award Details The Learning Sciences is an interdisciplinary field that draws on multiple theoretical perspectives and research paradigms, with the goal of advancing knowledge and the application of knowledge about human learning and development in formal and informal educational settings. Within the context of an international research community, it […]