CL19 Working Sessions

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The purpose of the Working Sessions at Cyberlearning 2019 is to bring together groups of people to work on issues relating to the future of the cyberlearning community. The sessions will produce an artifact and lead to concrete next steps for the groups.

Tentative topics and leaders:

Topic 1: Celebrate/Disrupt Cyberlearning
Jill Castek, Joyce Malyn-Smith, Laurie Campbell

Topic 2: Documenting Learning and Competencies across Settings and Longitudinally
Shuchi Grover, Roy Pea, Henry Kelly, Wendy Martin

Topic 3: Design Principles for Cyberlearning
Sheryl Burgstahler, Lyla Crawford

Topic 4: Blending AI and Human Agents in Future Learning Environments
Yanghee Kim

Topic 5: Towards a Framework for Interest-Driven Creators
Eric Hamilton, Jeremy Roschelle