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Learning Trajectories for Grades 6-8 Rational Number Reasoning

And interactive learning map, in contrast to a straight disciplinary map, is a map that is based on research on learning and tries to delineate the landmarks/or obstacles that are essential to understanding a big idea. Our learning map helps teachers create personalized learning resources for students in middle grades math in a coherent way.

Interactive Robot for Learning Chinese

RALL-E robots are Chinese-speaking robots that create a safe environment for learners to practice their conversational skills. These robots create the experience of a conversation through a lifelike range of facial expressions and gestures coupled with innovative language acquisition-based dialog software.

Designing and Supporting Blended Learning Environments

The world is excited about blended learning as a solution for the educational system, but how do we make sense of the learning that’s taking place in an online context and have it connect fluidly to in-school, face-to-face learning opportunities? We are helping teachers have command over the different type of spaces that are part of online learning environments.

Revolutionizing Education in Haiti

Open digital resources created at MIT and elsewhere, translated into Kreyol, are providing portable virtual laboratories to Haitian universities and high schools, most of which do not have access to traditional physical laboratories.