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CAP: Building Partnerships for Education and Speech Research

PIs: Chad Dorsey, Cynthia D’Angelo Concord Consortium Award Details A new age of technology is dawning on the field of speech recognition and analysis. This has begun to become publicly visible through the increasing availability of impressive tools such as Siri and Google Translate, but these consumer-ready tools only scratch the surface of the potential […]

CRII: Cyberlearning: Teaching Intercultural Competence through Personal Informatics

PI: Amy Ogan Carnegie-Mellon University Award Details The need for intercultural competence has never been higher as technology makes it easier for people to engage in global communications, collaboration, and commerce. In higher education, the global and multicultural environment means that the challenges of intercultural communication exist within classrooms. This project would study how technology […]

EAGER: Pilot Investigation of Using Gaze in a Reading Tutor

PIs: David Mostow, Jessica Nelson-Taylor Carnegie-Mellon University The big question the PIs are addressing in this project is how to unobtrusively track silent reading of novice readers so as to be able to use an intelligent tutoring system to aid reading comprehension. This EAGER project focuses on the first steps in answering that question. This […]