CL17 Working Sessions

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The purpose of the Working Sessions at Cyberlearning 2017 is to bring together small groups (5-10) of people who are interested in similar topics to generate ideas for working on a common project that may extend beyond the meeting. You can find a suggested Working Session theme group on your name tag, based on your application.

Within each theme are subgroups by topic. Each subgroup will have a facilitator who will engage participants in a discussion to help them decide what project the group will work on together. Some possible collaborative projects include

  • A primer or blog post on the topic for the CIRCL website
  • Joint publication/conference presentation (edited volume, AERA symposium)
  • Focusing multiple existing projects in same classrooms/populations
  • Capacity-building proposal, other collaborative proposal
  • Policy or funding recommendations to Cyberlearning or NSF
  • Joint public messaging on cyberlearning
  • Strategy/coalition for connecting cyberlearning products/producers with interested dissemination channels
  • Plan for enhancing the diversity of research collaborators or populations served
  • Pilot test of an innovative technology in a formal or informal education setting

Working Sessions

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