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At the Gallery Walk, participants can explore different project stations to experience demonstrations, interactives, posters, videos, and/or artifacts from project work.

The gallery walk will take place in the evening of the first conference day, during the reception, from about 5:30pm to 7pm. (Presenters will set up their stations between 4:45pm and 5:30pm on that same day.)

Who will present?

The program committee picked a set of presenters based on the information conference participants specified in their applications.

I’m presenting, where’s my station?

Gallery Walk stations are set up in Ballroom C+D+E and in the Pre-Function Area. Each station consists of a table. Each table is labeled with the presentation info. Stations will be set up starting at 4:45 pm. To find your station quickly, go to the registration desk at 4:45 pm and ask for the precise location, or just walk through the rooms and look for the table labeled with your info.

I requested a poster board, how big will it be?

If you specified that you would like to present a poster, your station (i.e., your table) will come with a table-top poster board of size 48 inches wide by 36 inches tall.

I requested a power outlet, will it be there?

For those stations for which power was requested, we will provide an outlet at the table.

I’m going to present, how should I prepare?

We asked presenters to fill in a form where they provided a title and a short description of what they will present at their Gallery Walk station (and optionally a picture that we will include in the program). In that form they also had to specify whether they need space at a table (e.g., to put up a laptop or some equipment), an opportunity to put up a poster, and a power outlet so they can plug in their laptop or equipment.

While some stations might simply show a poster (and might thus not even need a table), others might include a demo with interactives, some might show a video or software demo on a laptop, and yet others might involve all of those features. In general, the more interactive, the better.

During the Gallery Walk, expect conference participants to walk up to your station, carrying along some food and drinks, and expect some noise from nearby stations.

Note: No projection equipment, screens, or video displays will be available during the Gallery Walk. If you require such equipment, you are responsible for bringing and storing your own equipment.

Gallery Walk Stations

The Gallery Walk consists of the following project-related stations:

(coming soon)
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