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NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) invites proposals on the education of technicians for the high-technology fields that drive our nation’s economy. Proposed work should involve partnerships between academic institutions and industry to promote improvement in the education of science and engineering technicians at the undergraduate and secondary school levels. See the solicitation Proposals due October […]

Learning Analytics Goes to School

Back to Spotlights Based on a blog post and interview with Andy Krumm, Director of Learning Analytics Research at Digital Promise, and Barbara Means, Executive Director of Learning Sciences Research at Digital Promise. Portions reprinted from Learning Analytics Goes to School Blog Post with permission. What is the big idea of your work? Collaborations among […]

NSF DCL: STEM Education for the Future

NSF invites proposals to solve educational challenges created by the technology revolution. Specifically, through a new DCL: STEM Education for the Future, NSF aims to support STEM educational research and development projects whose results can enable our country to: better prepare its scientific and technical workforce for the future; use technological innovations effectively for education; […]

Meet Claudia Mazziotti

Claudia Mazziotti received her PhD in 2017 from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany, working with Nikol Rummel on the development of a tutoring platform and the role of collaborative learning for productive failure.

NSF Funding for Maker Education Projects

Tuesday, May 22, 4-5 pm ET Join STELAR as we host NSF Program Officers for a webinar to share information about Maker initiatives and NSF funded work in the Maker field. Learn more and register NSF’s strategic fundamental research investments enabled many of the innovations underlying 3-D printing, computer-aided design, geometric modeling and computer-integrated systems. […]

2018 STEM Video Showcase

On May 14-21 more than 200 federally funded projects will share short videos of their work aimed at transforming the STEM educational landscape. We invite researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the general public to view videos and discuss them with the presenters online. We look forward to your participation. View all videos tagged with the […]